We’ve loved hearing from you today to see how you’re going with getting ready for the first day of learning from home. There have been a number of questions asked by both students and parents and we would like to share some of these with their answers as they might help you too.

  • I can’t remember my username and password? If you are in ECE we are able to give that information to you over the phone from the office. If you are in Grade 3-6 we will need to reset the password and it may take up to 10mins but we will be in touch once it’s done
  • It keeps asking me to request access to my class site after a sibling has used the computer? If you have multiple children accessing their class sites from the same device you will need to make sure they sign out of their class page using the little round icon in the top right. It may take a few minutes to process this before you are able to use another login. If you are still having trouble please contact the office
  • How long should my children be doing schoolwork at home? This will look different in each family and we encourage you to talk together with your children about setting up a schedule that works best for you. Teachers have provided suggested timetables and ways of setting up your day on the class website and we encourage you to have a look at these for ideas.
  • I don’t have enough devices for all my children? Our Kinder to Grade 2 class websites have been set up to provide instructions for learning tasks. Sometimes there might be a video they need to watch or a book to read online but then the task they have to do is done offline. The Grade 3-6 learning tasks might require students to type up their work and this will require them to use a device. We suggest that you have a look over the material for the following day and think about how you can divide the computer time so that each child will have work to go on with if they do not have access to the computer.
  • We don’t have a printer? Learning tasks are designed to be done without the need to print out materials. If there is a worksheet provided online there will be instructions on how to do that task without the use of a printer.
  • What are the ‘printed packs’ that are being distributed from the school and do I need one? If you are able to access the internet then you do not require a printed pack. They include the same learning tasks as class websites. The packs are provided only for those with difficulty accessing the internet.
  • I don’t understand what the teacher is wanting us to do? Firstly don’t panic! You can call the office from 8.30 am til 4 pm, email your teacher or send a message on SS and while you’re waiting you can go on with some other work.