Autumn is a beautiful season all over the Meander Valley and it’s inspired wonderful art and learning throughout the school. Students have loved playing in the leaves during break time and our tireless groundsman John has done a fabulous job keeping our schoolyards looking amazing! 
We’ve brought together some photos of these experiences to share with families.

KinderA Sherriff/Smith have explored Autumn in lots of different ways this week. They created a number display using leaves they had collected. An enormous tree was made to decorate the wall using leaves they created and found. As part of a science exploration, they spent time outside using the magnifying glasses to look closely at the leaves and were fascinated with what they could discover!

PrepA Barnes/Coull went on a fabulous Autumn Walk and then used that experience to create a display in their classroom. They spent time talking about what they heard, and saw and found lots of wonderful descriptive words associated with the season.

Grade 1-2A Gleeson/Youd used autumn leaves on their word wall table and then brainstormed lots of interesting descriptive words. They have been working on making some beautiful art using oil pastels and watercolours to make leaves.

Grade 5-6B Grant has also been creating art and this time looking in-depth at shading and blending using different mediums to create interesting effects.

What do you love about Autumn? We’re creating an Autumn display in our school this term and we’d love to have your contribution!

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