Autumn time brings lots of colourful changes to Deloraine Primary School! As well as the gorgeous colours around the playground we have some amazing autumn artwork filling up our classrooms and hallways and we’ve created a little video to share with you below.

Students have also been busy this past two weeks with NAPLAN and the grade 3 and 5 students are to be congratulated on the courage they demonstrated throughout this time. The expectations around ‘test conditions’ are asking our young learners to use their self-manager skills to enable everyone to have uninterrupted thinking time, to share their understandings in an on-line platform. The students have shown great respect to their peers and applied themselves collectively to respond to the assessment requirements.

The data gives teachers information about focus areas for individual future learning and provides the school with feedback as to how we are tracking in comparison to other schools across Australia. It provides cohort and whole school trends around where we are excelling and where we may need to add greater rigour to our teaching and learning programs.

Thankyou grade 3 and 5 students, we are very proud of how respectful you have managed and fulfilled the requirements of the testing environment.

Julie Pike