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Our school was established on its present site in 1974 after being relocated from the Deloraine High School site on the opposite side of East Barrack Street. Today the school is modern, bright and offers wonderful grounds and a vibrant learning area. The school’s well-resourced library, which is used by all classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6, is a ‘State of the Art’ resource centre. Deloraine Primary School has a focus on ICT and is supported by current technology. A school IT Support Officer maintains classroom and administration computers and learning software. Classrooms are supported with interactive whiteboards/TVs which are utilised as tools for learning.

Deloraine Primary School has exceptional facilities set on 10 hectares of attractively landscaped grounds with copious shade trees and attractive gardens. The grounds include an oval, soccer field, netball courts, a school garden and wonderful active and passive play areas. A twenty five metre heated pool, an extensive hall/multipurpose/drama facility and a gym are all part of the facilities.

Our school has 355 students, and many use the school bus services from the surrounding rural intake area encompassing Deloraine, Moltema, Meander, Parkham, Elizabeth Town and Golden Valley. Our community has a diversity of skills, experiences, occupations, lifestyles and economic interests to enrich the opportunities and develop the talents of our learners.

At present there are 14 classes most of which are multi-grouped. In addition to classroom teachers, the school has a Physical Education teacher, a Music/Arts teacher and LOTE teacher. Our support staff including Resource Teachers, School Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Social Worker, Teacher Assistants and a School Health Nurse. These resource personnel enable flexible provision groups and programs, especially in our focus areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Deloraine Primary provides an exceptional Early Learning Program throughout the year targeting 0-3 years group and a 3-4 years Pre-Kinder learning group.


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