A Message of Appreciation from our Principal

A school culture has no prescription – it evolves by the way we work and act together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. Throughout the year I have made it a priority to ensure that all voices are listened to as a way of working together. In doing so we have developed more ways to engage our students to share their perspective and hear their voice, in the decisions made for them and about them.  Our School Association, is also very active and supportive of gaining greater involvement of our community into ‘life at Deloraine Primary’ to build our commitment, which is:

Our Deloraine Primary School community has a culture of high expectations with active learners. We foster curious, creative and reflective thinkers in a caring, safe and engaging environment to make meaningful contributions to our 21stcentury world.’

Throughout the year we have continually developed our DoE values of respect, courage, aspiration and growth through modelling, teaching, and identifying and celebrating those students who have enacted the values in a variety of ways.
Our committed team at Deloraine PS: administration staff, facility attendants, teacher assistants, canteen supervisor, support staff, ICT technicians, our School Association and volunteers, along with our teachers have shown great flexibility and dedication to our learners. All our staff contribute to providing a wonderful learning environment for each and every child.

As with any year we have seen changes and this year more than most with the very unexpected changes in response to the COVID restrictions. We acknowledge the enormous shift in the balance of teacher and parent input to facilitate the learning during this time and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution throughout the year as we continue to grow and work together.

During 2020, we have been focusing on our two key priorities of our School Improvement Plan. We have introduced students to learner assets and inquiry- based learning as strategies towards our key priority of empowering our students as active participants in their own learning. We have a dedicated team identifying a way forward to develop our second priority, building family partnerships connected to learning. Whilst we continue to adapt our current practices in Early Childhood, we have been building on feedback from families to develop a school wide approach for greater connectivity around student learning for our families.

Our new administration refurbishment completed early in the year has enabled a more productive space for our office staff to support parents and students. It has provided a meeting room, an area for families to wait and meet with staff.  Our gardens have been developing over the year, and our new playground in Kinder is under construction. We are appreciative of our partnership with the high school, who have been working productively creating our pirate ship – one of our new creations for our playground.
Thank you everyone in our school community for making 2020 a year of wonderful memories and invaluable partnerships and I would like to thank you all for your commitment and ongoing support.  Deloraine Primary is a school to be proud of.

Have an enjoyable holiday with family and friends, take care in all that you do and I look forward to continuing our work together throughout 2021.

Julie Pike

School Association – Chairperson Report

2020 has created serious challenges in the delivery of a learning-based curriculum for the school. The School Association has had some of our activities curtailed in line with restrictions placed on outside involvement on school grounds, but our Association has still managed to fulfill its obligations to givparents a voice at the school.  We have contributed to assessing Department of Education policies and how they relate to Deloraine Primary School, as well as having input on how other school activities would take place in a difficult environment. I would personally like to thank our association members – Jess Bramich, Simon McGuire, Lindy Norton, Susan Blair, Julie Pike, Kim Rootes, John Samphier, Alison Scott, and Kathy Turnbull for their time and expertise this year. I would especially like to thank Kathy for her valued contribution to Deloraine Primary School and wish her well in her new position in 2021. 

I would commend the Department of Education acting on the advice from the Department of Health, for their guidance as to how schools in this state should act to minimise the potential threat of infection to us and our children. One of the consequences of these guidelines has been that the opportunity for parents and carers to be involved in on-site daily school was diminished. Unfortunately, this was something that we had to accept as a school community if guidelines were to be met, and our community was to remain safe. I look forward, optimistically, to this returning to normal in the future. 

I would like to also acknowledge the efforts of our Principal, Julie Pike, and all of the staff of Deloraine Primary School in implementing the guidelines and making some difficult decisions in regard to the delivery of the curriculum, and day to day activities of the school. Julie and the teaching staff in particular were placed in the unenviable position of interpreting and administering these guidelines.  I would thank them all for continually putting the education and safety of our children first. 

The Department of Education is placing special emphasis on Family Engagement in schools in the coming years, and it is very exciting that Deloraine Primary has been selected to be a part of a pilot program in 2021. 

As the Association chair, I once again had the immense pleasure of presenting a large number of our young students with book awards this year, and have to say that this was the highlight of the year for me! I am so pleased that the Association is able to make this contribution each year. 

On behalf of the School Association I want to thank our Grade 6 students for their contribution to Deloraine Primary School and wish them well for 2021 and beyond. I urge them to make the most of any opportunities that come their way. 

I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break, and look forward to you all returning refreshed for another year of exciting learning experiences in 2021, and hope that the schools extended family of parents and carers are able to have more of a physical presence in day to day school activities  

Neil Myers