Connection Through Reporting

Reporting to parents about each child’s progress can take many forms. Keeping parents informed about each child’s achievement in learning, where to next and what will help them get there is core business at our school. 

Last week we provided families with the opportunity to meet teachers, see the learning environment and gain insight into the current how and what of  learning in each classroom. 

In Week 6 families will receive a Progress Report. The report will describe each learner’s progress in developing important learner assets that support access, participation and achievement in learning.  Students need to become self-aware and able to reflect on their development of these assets. For this reason a student reflection will be included in the report.  

A Mid-year Report will inform families in detail each learner’s achievement in areas of the Australian Curriculum, identify future focuses for learning and include a student self-reflection.  Again there will be an opportunity for parents and carers to attend a parent – student – teacher meeting so that each member of the partnership can contribute to the sharing, feedback and celebration of the learning that is taking place. We would like each family to attend this valuable opportunity as we strengthen our partnerships with you. 

End of Year Reports will provide a summary of achievement and progress in areas of the Australian Curriculum and sharing of personal achievements by the learner.

Connection Through Communication

Whilst these formal reporting processes are in place, we encourage parents to make contact with teachers on a regular basis to work together to understand the needs of each learner. This may be via phone calls, messages or by appointments made through the office. Teachers are the first point of contact as the person most central in each child’s learning and, therefore, the person most informed to help. 

Our staff are committed to getting to know every child in the school as we believe we have collective responsibility to support and know every learner. If you are in the school you may see our Primary staff getting to know ECE children and our ECE staff getting to know our Primary children. We share duties across the school and have class buddy systems in place to help us to achieve this purpose.  Our teams are also working in varying ways. Sector teams collaborate to decide on learning goals and plan for consistency within the year levels. Other teams from across the school collaborate to ensure concepts and skills are sequentially built in our curriculum for continuity and learner growth.  

If you have concerns around your child’s progress, share these with the teacher. If these concerns require further investigation, or there are perceived barriers to your child’s learning, we have processes for accessing supports as needed.  

Our staff are passionate about our sense of community at Deloraine Primary. We want each and every person connected, and part of our learning culture, where everyone feels valued.  

Julie Pike – Principal