During the last week of Term 1 our Grade 5 and 6 students headed off on a three day camp to Hobart and the surrounding area. Each day was packed with activities and visits to local historical sites and places of interest. Students deepened their knowledge about Tasmania’s history as part of their Humanities and Social Science (HASS)  Australian Curriculum.

Four of our students shared their thoughts with us about camp and what they learnt. 

 Our Camp 

by Bronte, Billy, Zoe and Harri

“I was excited to go on camp!”

“Camp was a good chance to have fun and learn new social skills and get away from technology for a while.”

Why Hobart?

“Because Hobart is full of interesting old places to visit and we can learn a lot about history.”

Richmond Bridge

“The bridge was really cool, it was built by the convicts around 1820 and it was the halfway point between Launceston and Hobart
if the convicts were travelling. It’s made in an arch shape because that’s the second strongest shape”

 Port Arthur 

“We went out on a boat in the harbour to see the islands that the really bad convicts were sent to. We saw lots of really old buildings and
some were falling down because they are so old and also because there was a bushfire that went through Port Arthur. Some of the buildings like the
churches were built with lots of wood and so they burnt down.”

“The solitary confinement cells were pretty awful, small, dark and scary. I would have hated to be stuck in there.”

Life as a convict

“It must have been a pretty hard life as a convict and they would have been really homesick and missed their families. It was a hard life too
because they had to work hard and were punished if they did anything wrong.”

“When the convicts went to work on the farms the farmers feed them well because they wanted them to be healthy so they could work hard
and build things for them.”

“Some convicts were lucky and when they finished their sentences they could get their own land and work for themselves and have a farm.”

Parliament House

“We learnt about the upper house and lower house and how you’re supposed to only speak through the Speaker but no one listens to that
and they were all speaking over each other.”

“We heard them talking about money issues and they were all making fun of each other. I don’t really need to worry about it now though, maybe when I’m older.”

Hobart City

“We saw lots of old buildings when we walked around Hobart, some that were built by the convicts. There was an old church that had a
beautiful pipe organ, religion must have been really important to them if they spent so much time building such beautiful churches.”