Welcome Back Term 3!

Staff Professional Learning Day

Our term has commenced with staff making the most of our professional learning day on Monday. All staff – ancillary, administration, teacher assistants and teachers participated in reviewing the processes and procedures that are in place across the school. We considered ways to refine and develop how we can work together more effectively and efficiently.  Staff identified improvements and we commenced a solution focused process to implement these. All of our staff are highly valued. Their individual skills, talents and perspectives contribute greatly to our collective goal of providing a quality teaching and learning environment for our students.

Our Working Together Agreement was reviewed. As a staff, we considered how these actions could align with our DOE values. Whilst still in draft form, rich discussions and collegiality promoted the development of a usable document that all staff can connect to.

Sector teams collaboratively planned for targeted intervention in either literacy or numeracy after reviewing the progress of our learners. Specific learning intentions were identified for learning sequences and differentiated approaches were considered in planning processes and strategies to support student achievement.

We spent the afternoon with our colleagues from the Meander Valley Cluster of schools to unpack data about student writing. We examined student responses and planned for the on-going use of student voice as a springboard for an alternative approach to developing engagement in writing. All sectors will use the data to implement an inquiry into developing engagement with writing.

Reinvigorated and enthusiastic, students commenced Term 3 on Tuesday. Students in all classes were highly motivated and connected to their learning across the school.


Julie Pike




Our values in action

3-4 Boxhall have been exploring the value of Aspiration and have created amazing mixed media collages reflecting their hopes and aspirations. 



– a culture of high expectations

and high achievement –