On Thursday 25 July a group of 3-4 students from Deloraine, joined Westbury and Mole Creek Primary School together at Mole Creek to attend a session with Kym Lardner, Australian children’s author and illustrator. Our students thoroughly enjoyed his humorous presentation, which was filled with storytelling using voice, drawing, singing songs and guitar playing. We were lucky enough to have some of our school library books signed as well.

Students shared with us what they learnt from the presentation . . . 

“That sometimes you just got to let loose and just have some fun and just smile at someone and you could make a person’s day” Sierra

“I learnt that it is good to have funny words in your story and to talk and connect with your audience” Matilda

“I learnt that Kym Lardner is a very funny and nice man, he also can be put on the spot easily” Trinity

“At the performance I learnt that Kym Lardner can still do the voice from ‘Bandaid’ and he reminded me not to give up.” Nicole