National Science Week 10-18th August 2019

National Science Week is an annual event designed to help kids and adults get excited about science. This year it was held from the 10-18th August and our students participated in a number of great events throughout that time. We had the amazing opportunity to be visited by representatives from UTAS who shared a number of presentations about different science domains.  

STEM Challenge

Our students worked hard with their buddy classes leading up to our STEM challenge day to create creative interactive science displays. These displays were set up in the hall and classes had the opportunity to visit the stations and learn more about each experiment. It was a wonderful day to celebrate science and our students really enjoyed planning and participating in the challenge. 

“It was really fun to see the little kids helping the big kids with their
creations and everyone working together in a group” – Lily

“My favourite part of the day was when everyone stood on 
the table on top of the balloons and none of them popped!” – Charlotte

“I thought it was excellent that everyone had a go and participated” – Reuben 

We hope you enjoy this video we created to showcase each class presenting their STEM challenge