Our Supportive School Association and Parents and Friends

We are very fortunate to have an active School Association who are very informed about the needs of our school community. They are forthright in their conversations and are highly connected to innovative programs that our teachers are launching. So what is their role and how do they assist in the smooth running of the school?

Members of the School Association meet every term and sometimes twice a term. The purpose of this Association is to provide an avenue for involvement in the school and an opportunity to support the school. It is a forum for information sharing and fostering the value and benefits of education for our young learners.

Members of the School Association are provided with updates on events and teaching and learning programs across the school, involved in policy development and informed around the expenditure of the budget. They are proactive in learning about how they can assist in areas of teaching and learning, and discuss and identify ways they can improve our facilities and enrich our programs. We encourage all members of the School Association to provide feedback, ask questions on their own or others behalf, and provide insights and ideas at our meetings to involve our parents and friends in our school.

One of the main functions is raising funds to benefit the school. Our dedicated members seek and commit to opportunities to contribute to school priorities. Over the past few years members of the Association have worked with community members to raise much needed funds and have contributed to the purchase of items such as:

  • Books, books and more books! For the classrooms, library, and end of year awards
  • Slushy Machine to use at events to raise money
  • Classroom cushions
  • Paintings in classrooms and hallways
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Gardens
  • Grade 6 events – Leavers t-shirts, Cutlery/Crockery for the grade 6 leavers dinners
  • 5/6 camps
  • Kinder veggie garden
  • Playgrounds – particularly this year with the purchase of the swings
  • Sport tops

Our Parents and Friends, as part of the School Association, support initiatives such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events and organise the food and decorations for the Grade 6 Celebration Dinner.   They facilitate the smooth running of scholastic, banking, sunrise bakery fundraisers, MUNA catering, Craft Fair parking, School Fair

At times such fundraising events can become very time consuming for a few individuals and they require additional support, more helpers to assist. If you see events advertised where support is needed please contact our office and offer an hour of your time if you are available. As mentioned, often the fundraising events are run by one or two members and while staff offer assistance where they can, being on class during such events has its limitations. We understand many parents work but if you have some time your contribution in every way will be held in high regards.

Our school canteen and breakfast club are also very appreciative of volunteers and are currently seeking some additional assistance.

 Julie Pike