Rising Stars 2019

 Our ‘Rising Stars Concert’ was a wonderful way to celebrate the learning of our Arts in Education at Deloraine Primary. We value the Arts at our school for many reasons. Our music programs, art and theatre opportunities promote an increase in self-confidence, enhances communication skills and improves cognition. 

The Art displays around the Hall showed a wide variety of creative ideas using a range of media and textures, represented in original and colourful forms.  There are many theories around the effect of producing art but it is suggested it does help promote creativity and independence and supports mental, emotional and psychological development. Drawing, painting, and sculpting also help develop visual-spatial skills. Our teachers ensure art opportunities are part of the way we represent our ideas and understandings of the world. Thank you to the students for sharing their beautiful artwork as part of our evening of celebration. 

Did you know that research has found that music helps to develop the left side of the brain, which is connected to language and reasoning? It assists with sound recognition and rhyme and rhythm. Playing a musical instrument also develops fine motor skills.  

We all know from personal experience that learning something new, whether it be riding a bike or learning to play the drums, takes time and can be challenging. It often causes frustration, but to master a skill requires practise and perseverance.  Even though there are times you want to give up, along the journey there are many opportunities to feel satisfied, experiencing the emotions of success and feeling proud of your efforts.

Our night of entertainment showcased students on their journey of mastering their chosen instrument. We witnessed students very proud of their contribution, making the evening a great success. Clearly the greatest achievement was the co-operation and co-ordination of each band, each member working together as part of team.  Celebrating the successes of the students is part of the learning process and as confidence develops so do talents. 

Mr and Mrs Harvey, Mr Scott and Mr Wood have shown great leadership in providing instrumental and vocal instruction to develop the skills of our learners.  The band program is reliant on the commitment of our talented and dedicated community members who bring not only opportunities but enjoyment and fun through the work they do with our students. Thank you from our school community for your organisation of the evening and the brilliant program. A very successful celebration. 
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Our next avenue for participation in the Arts is in the theatre performances two of our classes are planning and practising for The Deloraine Drama Festival being held at the Little Theatre. The props and costumes are under construction and I know we will have some new talents ready to be discovered.

Julie Pike – Principal

Deloraine Youth Drama Festival 2019