Devonport Primary Schools Basketball Tournament

Grade 5/6 

Last weekend we participated in the Devonport Basketball tournament. Our team included Bridie, Charlotte, Mikaedy, Amber, Taylor, Antonia, Alice and Amelia. We lost all of our games however we all played as a team and had fun. The teams we played against did a great job and we enjoyed competing against them.  Thank you to Mrs Stephenson for umpiring us, Mrs Parker for coaching and Ms Bryan for managing our team. – Bridie 

Grade 3/4

I had loads of fun on the weekend. I loved the way that my team cooperated with each other and worked as a team. Our team included Adela, Nicole, Eva, Trinity, Shayley, Sierra and Amber. We won all of our games, including the Grand Final which we were very excited about! Thank you to Mr Gleeson for coaching, Mrs Ewer for managing our team and Johnny Elmer for umpiring us. – Adela 

Grade 1/2

On the weekend Imogen, Andrea, Callie, Jakoba, Asha and Kiraley played in the 1/2 basketball tournament. We tied two games, won two games and lost two games. We came equal fourth overall. It was a very fun weekend. Well done to my team you did an amazing job. We were all very sore after the game. Thank you to Mrs Eastley for coaching us, Mrs Scott for managing our team and Kaiden and Noah Eastley for umpiring us. – Callie