Safety At Our School

As we enter our school grounds each day there are many factors that contribute to student safety. Over the past year we have looked at the flow of traffic at the beginning and end of the day to limit the risks to students. We need to be mindful of enabling safe access to the school site and minimising risks. The drive through area in front of the school is restricted to staff to eliminate vehicles entering the zone during busy times of the day. Where students exit from buses, there is close monitoring to ensure children are well away from the bus traffic and that they move safely along the path to classrooms. The ECE car park has been re-designed to ensure students have direct access to pathways. Our school crossing is supported with a duty teacher at the beginning and end of the day to monitor cars and assist the students to get across the road safely.

Throughout the day our students are monitored in the playground and on the equipment.  Safe behaviour is expected and intervention occurs when students take risks or put others at risk. We have a space for restorative conversations throughout the recess and lunch breaks – a place where students work through differences, own their behaviour and restore relationships.

As a school we monitor and provide maintenance to all facilities, including the grounds and buildings.  Processes are in place to inspect our equipment and report possible dangers.

Our Sun Safe Policy procedures are followed and students are required to wear a school hat while outside or they are required to be in the shade. Sun screen is available in classrooms and accessible to students to use.

When students are leaving the school grounds to engage with learning beyond the classroom, each teacher is required to complete an extensive risk management process to ensure that all possible risk scenarios have a planned response.

Earlier this term we completed a fire drill and everyone on site managed to move from the school buildings sensibly and safely within given time frames.

In the last week of term we will practice a drill for lock down. The safety and security of our students is a top priority for DPS. We are required to ensure we have a procedure in place for fire drills and lock down situations to keep our students and staff safe. It is a required practice for DOE Tasmania schools to have a plan on how to respond to incidents that require the school to be locked down.  The lock down procedure at DPS will involve locking all of our doors, closing blinds and students moving into a secure space in the classroom and remaining quiet until the lock down has finished. The children remain inside the room until instructed by the teacher to resume their activities During the lock down no one is permitted to enter or leave our school.

Our teachers will be sharing this procedure with their class to ensure that they know what they have to do. Just as we prepare our children to properly respond to a fire drill, they also need to be aware of the proper response during a lock down drill. These drills should be treated with the same level of importance as fire drills. Please be assured that staff at our school will spend time discussing the importance of this procedure with the children prior to running a drill. We will also take time after the drill to remind them that it was only a practice and there was no danger. 

As parents and carers we ask for your support by starting to talk in the next few weeks to your children about why we have practice drills to avoid students becoming unnecessarily anxious.