Our Grade 5/6 classes have been working hard on science investigations over the past term and we’ve seen some amazing experiments and discoveries.

Students shared with us some of their thoughts about their experiments….

“My group tried an experiment with mentos and coke vs mentos and no sugar coke to see which one would fizz the most. We attempted the sugared coke and mentos and that fizzed but not as much as the non sugared one one. We think it’s because of the carbon in the no sugar coke. We originally thought that the regular coke would be fizzier but we were surprised!” – Bronte

“In my group we made slime and it worked really well. If I could change anything I would make the slime more stretchy. I think my group really enjoyed it and they got to keep their slime too” – Bridie

“In my science experiment, I am seeing how the different sizes of pipes affect the speed it goes down a ramp. I got three different sizes of pipe. My experiment shows that the biggest size of pipe rolls down the ramp the fastest.” – Caleb