Our amazing 2019 SRC representatives showing their support for MND.
Together we raised $546.85! 
What a fantastic effort!

One of our priorities this year is for students to be active participants in their own learning. We consider this in our processes for teaching and learning, assessment and reporting procedures, and involve our students by finding out their thinking, their interests and what they would like to do. Our SRC has a prime role of providing student voice beyond the classroom and modelling the expectations through student-generated ideas. As a response they are seeing the power of their voice being heard. SRC class representatives and executive members attend weekly meetings, with a focus on listening to ideas and suggestions from classes, and following up any concerns or ideas.

The SRC made the decision this year to raise funds to support MND research and money raised will be donated to the ‘Big Freeze’ MND appeal. It was their decision to have a Blue Day – giving students the opportunity to wear jeans, a beanie, a scarf, a footy top – any casual clothes with blue!

The SRC also wanted to develop our school garden and take an active role in maintaining this. They are currently looking at ways to make this more sustainable (which links directly to our cross curriculum priority around sustainability). What better way to build this into our curriculum.

In looking for fun opportunities during break times, the SRC have organised a Grade 3-4 handball competition which has involved a large number of students. The next venture for the SRC is to look into recycling options for our school next term.

These ideas are initiated by  students, giving them the opportunity to have a say in what happens at our school and, as Principal, it is my role to ensure they have a voice here and now, and for them to be proud of the legacy they leave behind.

Julie Pike