Well done everyone for your commitment to our new way of learning. We have had an amazing week where we have problem solved technical issues and navigated our way to access student learning. We have rapidly learnt a whole range of skills in such a short time with amazing and wonderful outcomes.

Next week the focus will shift from accessing the learning to greater engagement, as you have now practised how to log in and navigate each classroom site. This has been a huge learning curve for teachers, students and their families and everyone should be proud of their efforts. Learning has looked different in every space.
Some of our week’s experiences and student learning from Kinder to Grade 2 are shared in the gallery below. We’ll be sharing more from across the grades over the coming weeks.

So how was your experience? We would really like to hear from you and encourage you to access the feedback link below so that we can maintain and develop ways to assist you and refine our processes

Julie Pike – Principal

*Please note that the feedback survey is now complete*