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Meander Valley Cluster

Deloraine Primary School is a member of the Meander Valley Schools Association.  Together with our associated schools (Westbury Primary School, Mole Creek Primary School and Deloraine High School) we have an agreed pedagogical framework that drives our work with a focus on developing common literacy and numeracy practices. Our goal is to support middle year learners and their transition to high school.

Middle Years Literacy Project

The Middle Years Literacy Project aims to improve the literacy outcomes of students across the Meander Valley Cluster. Colleagues from all schools in our cluster, collaborate and plan together, to provide consistent and common literacy approaches for our students. Teachers collect, analyse and use data to inform teaching and learning to improve learning outcomes. Progress is moderated through the use of a common assessment model across the cluster.

Problem Solving

Thelma Purso’s problem solving framework is implemented across all classrooms K-6. This framework encourages students to think and work mathematically through practising the skills of clarifying, choosing, using, interpreting and communicating. Number talks are also a focus in Mathematics to provide students with opportunities to explain and share their mental strategies.

High School Transition

Deloraine High School have organised a number of transition activities for our Grade 5-6 students. During Term 2, selected grade 7 students returned to Deloraine Primary to share their thoughts and experiences of the transition to high school process. They answered questions and give helpful advice to our 5-6 cohort. During the second half of the year there are a number of transition activities planned for all grade 5-6 students.

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