Welcome back to another year of enjoyable learning opportunities, where our students learn together and build new connections and relationships.  

Our school values of respect, growth, aspiration and courage will underpin the way we work and our Deloraine School commitment will drive the work that we do: 

‘Our DPS community has a culture of high expectations with active learners. We foster curious, creative and reflective thinkers in a caring, safe and engaging environment, to make meaningful contributions to our 21st century world.’  

During our first two days prior to students commencing, all of our teaching staff engaged in professional learning. Monday was an opportunity for teachers throughout the Meander Valley to meet and focus on our future learning together. We explored creative and sustainable ways to continue to strengthen connections and flexible ways to collaborate in the future. Combining the collective skills and talents of our cluster community will enrich the opportunities for our learners across the Meander Valley cluster of schools.  

Our learning continued on Tuesday with our staff focusing on how we build the skills and dispositions required for our students to become effective self-directed learners 

The start of the year, prior to students commencing presented some challenges, in that we did not have any power at the school, and therefore no access to technology. It made us realise how reliant we are on access to internet, and the barriers that created to the tasks we wanted to engage in. 

We welcome several new staff members to our school. 

  • Emily Grant, who has joined our Upper Primary and will  be teaching 5/6 
  • Stefanie Hall who is working in Mrs Wing’s class for her internship 
  • Emma Beckett, our teacher assistant, who will be supporting one of our Kinder classes 
  • Stephen Brodie will teach Music this term while Mrs Bloom is on leave 
  • Our new social worker, Margaret Richardson, started today  

Jan Beams has taken leave for the first three weeks and Mrs Atkins will teach on their class full time until Mrs Beams returns.

I have the pleasure of being able to be in classrooms across the school and ask children about the learning that is taking place. All classes are very settled and focused, and it is wonderful to see the high levels of engagement.

Please take the time during the first three weeks to visit your child’s classroom and get to know your child’s teacher/teachers. Next Tuesday there will be a formal opportunity to come along and visit your child’s classroom between 5.00pm and 5.30pm. We have organised a barbecue afterwards from 5.30pm – 6.30pm for families to meet with our staff and get to know other families. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with families and community members throughout the year.

Julie Pike – Principal