Teaching teams

Our teaching teams have maintained their commitment to collaborative planning, reviewing student data and targeting flexible groups to develop individual outcomes.  If you have been in our classrooms recently you may have noticed more than one teacher in the room working with groups of students. This is a strategy we have implemented this term as an additional resource to respond to student learning needs. We will review the impact and continue to look for ways to maximise value adding for all learners.

Parent/Child/Teacher conferences and reporting

Assessment is ongoing and we are currently moderating student work and identifying individual student achievement against the Australian Curriculum. While we have DOE guidelines to support our reporting progress, the information we are providing for midyear reports has been guided by parent voice. We sought feedback from the School Association who identified they wanted to know from the reports how to help their children with the next steps for learning. As a response future focus areas have been the emphasis for learning. We have also targeted indicators of progress against ‘Engagement with Learning’ and ‘Progress with Learning’ to build on our earlier interim report. We hope this style of reporting will be valuable for everyone.

Please remember to make an appointment with parent/child/teacher conferences. We encourage you to bring your child so they can share their voice and be involved in the reporting of their learning journey. Information about how to book Parent/Child/Teacher conferences will be sent home in the coming weeks.


This week has been particularly cold as we move towards winter. With rainier days upon us comes an added danger at drop off and pick up times with individuals running to get out of the wind and rain. It also poses difficulties around gaining parking close to our school to minimise distance. In recent times there have a number of cars moving through the bus area, causing congestion and creating a greater opportunity for an accident. For safety reasons this area will be for staff parking only, with buses and delivery vehicles exempt. The middle carpark will also be staff parking only. The disability parking will remain. This will free up parking spaces on the road outside the front entrance and kinder for family and friends to have close proximity to the school.  We hope this will keep our children safer from possible accidents.

Student Absences

We are also starting to have an increase in student absence, as a result of colds and flu which is to be expected. Can I please encourage parents and carers to contact the school and explain the absences so that we can keep our records up to date? Absences can also be recorded using the School Stream App or by emailing the school office on deloraine.primary@education.tas.gov.au


Julie Pike