This year we have been reflecting on our school and school culture to ensure we have the best learning environment to facilitate student learning. When defined, ‘school culture refers to the way teachers and staff members work together and the set of beliefs values and assumptions they share’ – a positive school climate and culture, promotes students ability to learn. With that in mind we have been clarifying what our culture portrays. We have worked with a wide range of representatives throughout our community to develop a strong school commitment statement which says:

‘Our DPS community has a culture of high expectations with active learners. We foster curious, creative and reflective thinkers in a caring, safe and engaging environment, to make meaningful contributions to our 21st century world.’ 

We have responded to this commitment through a range of actions that align this belief with our way of working and acting. We have promoted the DoE values of Growth, Respect, Aspiration and Courage to reflect the way we work in our school and these are modelled and highlighted in our assemblies and reporting processes, and are the springboard of our celebrations. Throughout this process we have not lost sight of the historical importance of previous values – these being learning, responsibility, safety and caring which are identified in our expectations across the school. We have adopted the same three house teams as the high school which will strengthen the transition journey. Our latest refinement has been to develop a motto that is representative of our 20th century learning and connected to our DOE strategic plan. Hence we have moved from ‘Industry and Integrity’ to ‘Aspire and Achieve’. Our new logo is now being represented in our communications, and has been created with purpose. It has a symbolic representation:

The mountains and the bridge, iconic of Deloraine, are connected across the centre of the logo linking one side to the other.  Students reaching for the star together portray aspiration and collaborative growth. The circle surrounding our logo shows the ongoing connection of community that links everything and everyone together. Our culture is far wider reaching than those that work directly at the school, it is also determined by the way we work and how we work with our community.

In continuing to build a strong, vibrant learning culture here at Deloraine Primary we clearly know where we are on our journey of improvement and where we want to be, reflected in our commitment statement. But where could we be as we continually strive for excellence in our work here at Deloraine Primary?  By being aspirational we will continue to build the very best educational program for our learners, your children, and the very best school that we can possibly be. I look forward to our ongoing partnerships with all members of our community as we continue our work together throughout 2020.

Julie Pike – Principal